About Us

Surrogacy Partnership is a Northern California based surrogacy agency which is owned and operated by a wife and husband team, who have a passion for helping others create their own families. Jessica Busman, the founder and co-owner of Surrogacy Partnership, is a two time surrogate herself, and has been in the infertility field for over a decade. Chris Busman, co-owner, has 15 years of corporate management experience in the hospitality industry, as well as strong business and financial acumen.


Jessica Busman always wanted to work in the surrogacy field, especially after being a surrogate twice. Her passion for helping families extended beyond being a surrogate, and after Jessica gave birth to her second surrogacy baby the mother of the child (a Reproductive Endocrinologist) made a suggestion: “You should start your own agency.”


“Starting an agency is a way for me to continue with my passion into the long-term. I had the experience in the industry, the contacts, and the heart for it. Not to mention people who believed in me. Everything started falling into place, and I knew it was meant to be.” Being a surrogate has taught her not only the process in which a successful surrogacy can occur, but also the skills needed to help others navigate their personal journey smoothly.


Surrogacy Partnership is a great fit for surrogates and intended parents who may feel overwhelmed by the larger agencies, and are looking for something on the more intimate side.


Our agency offers all-inclusive support. We will hold your hand from beginning to end. Together we are an unstoppable team, working together to help you achieve your dream of having a child. With Surrogacy Partnership, we bring the right people together.