Surrogacy Partnership Process

Screening & Interviewing

The screening phase is essential to a successful surrogacy journey. The intended parents’ background checks/psychological evaluations are typically performed by their selected IVF clinic. The surrogate (and her partner, if applicable) will undergo background checks, psychological screening, and medical screening, all handled through licensed professionals in collaboration with Surrogacy Partnership. The matching phase cannot begin until the surrogate has completed and passed all the necessary screenings. Successful candidate gestational carriers and families are then welcomed into our screening directories.

Matching Process

During the matching phase you will provide us with what you are looking for in a surrogate and what type of relationship you would like to maintain throughout and after the surrogacy process. Once we know your needs and desires we will present you with the profiles of available surrogates, and then the surrogates you are interested in working with will be presented with information about you as well. If each of you feels you may be interested in working with one another a match meeting is set up. Once completed, contact with assisted reproductive technology attorneys and trust account personnel is initiated.

Contract & Legal Services

The contract phase is where all the important topics and issues will be formally placed into a contract between the intended parents, and surrogate, as well as her partner if applicable. When working with an agency the most important issues such as reduction, compensation, and reimbursements are usually worked in order to help the contract phase move smoothly and quickly.

IVF Cycling Services

The cycling phase is the actual IVF cycle itself. The IVF center will have full management of this phase. They will provide the instructions, and information to the intended parents, surrogate, and the agency. As the agency we will help ensure the surrogate has complete understanding of what she is required to do.

Pregnancy Monitoring

The pregnancy phase is one of the most special times. The agency will be in monthly contact with each party, but we are always available if we are ever needed to help with issues that may arise.


At 14 weeks of pregnancy, we will start the pre-birth order with the attorneys and file with the courts. To ensure all documents and papers are complete prior to the delivery of your child and to ensure your name(s ) go on the birth certificate.

Birth & Postpartum Services

Baby(ies) here! Delivery time is the most exciting part of the entire journey. This is what everyone is hoping and dreaming for, and as an agency we do strive to help make this time as special as possible. Typical time completion: Having a baby can take anywhere from just a few hours to a couple days. Now that the baby(ies) have arrived it is time to bring your bundle(s) of joy home.