4 ideas to fund your surrogacy journey

4 ideas to fund your surrogacy journey

Surrogacy is an exciting path to parenthood, but the process can feel overwhelming. While our job is to walk you through every step, there is one step we can’t give you directions for, and that’s funding your surrogacy journey. There are many ways to fund your journey, and no right or wrong way to go. To help with this step, we have compiled a list of 4 categories to look into when it comes to funding your surrogacy journey.


  1. Ask for donations

Asking for donations can feel awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. People want to help, especially when it comes to babies! If you don’t feel comfortable asking for donations directly, you can create a GoFundMe account or start a Facebook Fundraiser and simply post it on your page. This way you are creating a space for others to donate without directly asking. 


  1. Host a fundraising event

How many times have you been out and it’s “fundraiser” night at your favorite restaurant, where a percentage of your meal goes towards a cause? Why can’t you be that cause for a night? Reach out to your favorite local spots and ask if they have fundraiser nights or would be willing to partner for your cause. There are a lot of fertility fundraiser ideas online. A popular one is a Puzzle Fundraiser. The idea is to purchase a puzzle and “sell” each piece of the puzzle for a given amount. When someone “buys” a piece, you write their name on the back of the puzzle. Once all the pieces are sold you can frame it and hang it up in the nursery as a reminder of all the support you received.


  1. Get Creative

There are a lot of creative companies out there that will allow you to sell your ideas without doing the heavy lifting. If you are crafty, open an Etsy shop! If you aren’t crafty, you can use companies like InfertileTees or Bonfire who will make and ship t-shirts directly to buyers. Maybe your skills are more concrete, like mowing lawns, baking, or tutoring. Using your hobbies to make some side money can add up quickly, and who knows maybe it can spark a new career path!


  1. Apply for Grants

There are a lot of organizations that understand and want to help you fund your fertility! Not all fertility organizations offer surrogacy funding, so be sure to check that funding covers surrogacy-related expenses. The following organizations offer surrogacy-friendly grants:

  1. Hope for Fertility https://www.hopeforfertility.org/
  2. Gift of Surrogacy https://www.giftofsurrogacyfoundation.org/ 
  3. Gift of Parenthood https://giftofparenthood.org/
  4. Journey to Parenthood https://journeytoparenthood.org/


We hope you find these ideas helpful as you navigate ways to fund your surrogacy journey. If you ever need assistance, please reach out to us as we are happy to guide and support you!

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