Five ways to show your surrogate some love!

Five ways to show your surrogate some love!

Your dreams are coming true! You’re having a baby through surrogacy. While you’re excited and grateful for this woman who is carrying that dream come true, you ask yourself “How do I show her how much I love and appreciate her appropriately?”. Keep reading for five ways to show your surrogate some love!


Send words of affirmation

Tell her how you are feeling on a card, send a text message, or say it directly to her on the phone. If you’re not sure what to say just keep it simple with a “Thank you for being our surrogate and helping us make our dream come true”. If you’re not good with words, or expressing your feelings, send her a quote you found that reflects what you’re feeling. 


Gifts for Pregnancy Comfort

Send her items to comfort her during the pregnancy. Whether it’s a gift basket of little things or one large item, make it specific to comforting her during the pregnancy. 

Some items to consider are:

  • Preggo Pops to ease morning sickness
  • Something soft for comfort
  • Pregnancy Pillow to help with sleeping
  • Something sweet and/or something salty for whatever cravings come along
  • Antacids for heartburn 

Need more ideas? Google and Pinterest are great places to search for “best pregnancy comfort items”.


Date Night

 Send your surrogate on a date with her significant other. If you live close enough, offer to watch her kids while mom and dad go out for a date night. If you don’t live close, plan out all the date details, and tell her she just has to find childcare,  or just send a gift card to a local restaurant. 

If you’re not sure what to do, share your idea with her and plan the date together. 



Whether your surrogate lives close or far away, take a trip to visit her and her family. Get to know her children and learn about her life. Remember, she is more than a baby maker, and it’s important to show her family just as much love as you show her. While you’re visiting, take her kids to the park or the local Zoo. Take an interest in her life and genuinely get to know her and her whole family. It will mean so much to her that you include her family in the process. 


Check-In and stay connected

A simple “how is your week going” text can go a long way. While you want to know how she is feeling and how the baby is doing, also check-in on her as a person. Ask her how her week is going outside of the pregnancy. If she wants to talk about work or family, let her, and actively participate in the conversation. Talk about the pregnancy, but make efforts in connecting outside of that one topic. Try to remember important events coming up in her life, and follow through with them. 


Every relationship is different, and every surrogate needs different things. This list is just to provide some ideas on how to show her some love. We would love to add more ideas to this list to share with our community. Send us ways you showered your surrogate with love by sending us a message on social media, or commenting on this blog post below!

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