Who are Intended Parents of Surrogacy?

Who are Intended Parents of Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is one of many family-building options available today. In general, we see four common types of Intended Parents that choose Surrogacy to build their families. 


Same Male Sex Couples

In a same-sex male couple, the couple may pursue surrogacy because they want a genetic connection to their child. Because same-sex male couples can only provide the sperm, they would need an egg donor and a carrier to complete their dream of having a baby. This is where Surrogacy comes into play. The surrogate will carry the embryo, and can choose to also donate her own egg, or the couple can use a separate donor egg, but the baby will still be genetically related to one of the partners. 

Infertility Warriors

Infertility Warriors can have many reasons for using Surrogacy to build their families. Some have experienced years of unsuccessful IVF attempts. Some have experienced recurrent miscarriage and/or losses. Some have exhausted all other options and must use surrogacy for emotional reasons. No matter how long or how hard one has experienced infertility, it can take its toll on many couples for different reasons. Allowing someone else to carry the pregnancy, can provide comfort and encourage confidence to those that have battled infertility.

Cancer survivors

Cancer is a scary disease, and can cause many complications for fertility and successfully carrying out a pregnancy. For those that have battled cancer, surrogacy provides a route to baby where both parents can remain genetically related to the baby, but the risk of the cancer affecting the pregnancy (or baby) will be limited. 

Medical Reasons

Surrogacy is a welcomed option to build families for those that cannot carry due to medical reasons. Medical reasons can include genetic disorders or surgeries, like a hysterectomy. Medical reasons can also include increased risks for complications from a previous attempt. No matter what the medical reason may be, having a surrogate can provide relief to couples who need assistance in carrying their dream come true.


Surrogacy is not limited to these 4 types of Intended Parents. We have Intended Parents using surrogacy as a way to build their families for many different reasons. If you’re considering surrogacy as a way to build your family, please reach out to us, we would be happy to guide you on your journey. If you’re considering being a surrogate, please reach out so we can introduce you to some of our amazing Intended Parents! Let’s work together to make dreams come true!

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